Kirkwood, MO


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Tornatech specializes in the conception and manufacturing of Fire Pump Controllers. Other controllers include Jockey Pump, Booster, Duplex, and Residential.

Thomson Power Systems specializes in the design and manufacturing of power generation systems switchgear and automatic transfer switches for low and medium voltage applications.
Mosebach manufactures a full line of load banks including permanent mount, ac, dc, and custom designs.

i-Gard's neutral grounding resistors have unique properties that make them better. It starts with the element. A better grade of stainless steel with a lower coefficient of resistivity ensures that the over-current relay works.

Industrial battery chargers, rectifiers, power supplier, inverters, and best battery selectors.


Ayantra utilizes wireless and web technologies to put machines on the internet. We are delivering on the promise of IoT (the “Internet of Things”).

Managers use our solutions to keep connected to their remote assets and collect useful information on utilization, status, faults, and location.

Ayantra products are designed & built in the USA and used worldwide

Automatic Day Tanks are designed to automatically maintain a full day's supply of fuel for the generator set.

Customer Engineered Genset, Sound Attenuated, and Weather-Proof Enclosures.